by President of OPIAR, Mihail Toncea

Established in 1998, the Association of Romanian Aeronautical Companies is a not-for-profit, apolitical and non-governmental organisation, intended to support and to protect the interests of its member companies, facilitating direct contacts with Unions, State representatives, legislative and governmental bodies. The founder members are AEROSTAR SA Bacau, ROMAERO SA Bucharest, IAR SA Brasov, TURBOMECANICA SA Bucharest and GIAR SA Bucharest.

OPIAR represents the joint interests of its members, Romanian aeronautical and related companies and organisations. Its responsibilities include developing strategies for and promoting the image of the industry in the world market place.

OPIAR plays an active role in the elaboration of the aeronautical industry policy, intending to challenge the industry to work together in order to come up with strong and competitive positions.

OPIAR is actively working with its member companies to ensure that this tremendously important sector remains competitive in the new global economy, trying to develop close co-operation with similar industries around the world.

The Organisation is the voice of an industry with a turnover of about $ 150 million and about 5000 employees. Its activities provide a framework through which the industry can increase its competitiveness and remain a significant player in the global aerospace market.

OPIAR focuses on:

    1. Lobby activities for promoting the interests of Romania’s Aeronautical Industry;
    2. Management and support of the official participation of its members in major international aerospace fairs and exhibitions;
    3. Identification of possible funding to sustain current and future programmes developed by the Romanian MoD;
    4. Developing and promoting a specific commercial policy for its members on third markets;
    5. Sustaining the integration process of the Romanian Aeronautical Industry into the global market structure.


The breath and depth of membership ensures that OPIAR represents the Industry to the Romanian Government, as well as in the international arena.

The Romanian Aeronautical Sector, assisted by OPIAR, is targeting to expand its business by penetrating an increased share of the world market.

OPIAR supports the establishment of mutually advantageous business relationships between domestic and foreign companies and its staff can help you to contact Romanian Aeronautical and related Companies and can provide useful information on the Industry.